I can’t say enough about my personal trainer Scott Elliott! Prior to hiring Scott, I had unfortunately allowed myself to get up to between 145-150 pounds where previously I had weighed 135 pounds. All my clothes were tight, even my scrubs!! I am a nurse and I work three 12 hour days a week.

I started training with Scott in January and gradually, over the next five months, I worked my way up to exercising 4-5 days a week and changed my eating habits to the healthy nutrition plan that he suggested. By the end of my 21 weeks with Scott, I had lost 17 lbs and approximately 26inches from head to toe or I guess I should say neck to calves! I am now in the best shape of my life and can fit back into all of my clothes. My confidence and energy levels are higher than ever. I’ve learned that eating healthy and working out is really not as hard as I thought and it’s become as routine as brushing my teeth!


Comparing Scott to other trainers, I would have to say he’s the best for a number of reasons. He helps you to realize what stops you from living the healthy life you crave and helps you get out of your head and really follow through and do what needs to be done to reach your goals. He’s very encouraging, flexible, dedicated to his clients, and above all makes working out fun! He helps you to truly focus on what’s important and holds you accountable for your actions in a very caring and non judgmental way. And another bonus is you get to work out outside!! I’ve referred four of my friends to Scott and we all feel the same way; he’s the best personal trainer you will ever have!! –Michele Cawood


So this is an update and a thank you! Don’t know if you remember but a while back we chatted about my lack of motivation to get back into shape. You suggested setting a long term goal something to work towards. Well I’m happy to report in 10 days i’ve lost 9lbs and I’m going to run a 5k next month. Thanks Scott! I credit you for my change in attitude. –Rebecca Santos Deike