Scott’s Biography

Scott Elliott has been providing personal fitness training for a decade. His unique approach combines physiology, psychology and passion in order to help his clients understand the core of their purpose for getting fit and healthy – across a lifetime. He begins by asking “what is your goal?”, the answer to which leads to an understanding of what is important to each person, and what they need from Scott. Via his company, Koolbody Personal Training, Scott delivers the core competency of Engaging and Sustaining People in a Healthy Lifestyle.

Following graduation from Texas A&M, Scott had a brief career as an Engineer. However, he chose to follow his passion of changing lives through health and fitness. His greatest reward is witnessing clients physically change and emotionally grow, as well as hearing about compliments they receive. As he causes change in lives, he changes life stories – to those that are happier, more productive, and inspiring. Their success is his success.

Scott has competed in fitness model competitions as a way of motivating himself to the next level of fitness and as a means of increasing his knowledge of health and how to remain accountable. He takes pride in practicing what he preaches. He received 1st place in the Muscle Mania competition in California and was a qualifier in the event in Las Vegas. In the FAME World Tour he placed 2nd in the male model category.

Scott’s programs capitalize on 3 areas: exercise, nutrition, and mindset. Recognizing everyone is unique with their own needs, physically and mentally, he utilizes his expertise to accommodate specific needs for the beginner, the advanced and those that need the motivation and incentive to continue on their journey. The intention is to ensure each person receives his or her desired results.

Scott grew up in El Paso, Texas and currently resides and operates his studio from Del Mar, CA.