Personal Training

Experience a custom designed fitness program in a by-appointment-only based personal training studio.  The private training sessions are designed around your goals + your fitness level + body type.  The personal trainer reviews your posture to understand how to stretch and strengthen to correct form and avoid injury.  We pay close attention to your form on each exercise to make sure you’re activating the proper muscles.  We set the proper tempo of the workout according to your fitness level.  Depending on the level of accountability you need from us, you can select from our 2 options.

  1. The 8 Week Transformation Challenge
  2. The Workout Only Pack

8 Week Transformation Challenge

For the Ultimate Level of Accountability

  • 60 day customized workout
  • Dietician designed meal plan program
  • 30 minute or 60 minute workout options
  • Coaching calls

Workouts Only Pack

Basic workout package. Select 30 minute or 60 minute workout.

  • 20 pack
  • 12 pack
  • 8 pack

What Are People Saying?

I am a busy Real Estate professional and always running short on time. I have worked out with Scott for many years and love his philosophy on training the muscles. Recently,  I started doing these quick 3 min. workouts and absolutely love them. I feel like I get a good, quick tightening of all my muscles. I’ve been doing these a few times a day when I have a few minutes to spare. I especially like to do them when I am feeling stress because it’s releases stress and tension in my shoulders and back. I highly recommend these workouts and the services of Koolbody.

Bobby Martins

I am up busy father of two with very little time to spare. I work late into the evening’s on some days, and have been searching for a way to relieve stress, get a quick workout while I can, and stay healthy. As much as I would like to go to the gym, it just seems impossible.

Since I met Scott, and got introduced to his workout videos, I feel like I can easily start and finish an exercise program at my personal convenience. I introduced my wife to the program, and have finally been able to be involved in an activity that we can regularly be a part of together! Now, we feel rejuvenated and emboldened  to find as much time as possible to continue. Thank you Scott!


I am a busy entrepreneur who is running a growing business. That often makes it hard for me to find time to workout, even though it is important to me. I have tried other programs but found it hard to commit to working out for an hour at a time. Crunch Time exercises are great because I can easily find three minutes during the day to get in a quick workout! It is so easy because I can play the videos on my phone.

Scott is an amazing trainer. You can tell he has a great deal of knowledge and experience when you talk to him. He always gets me to give a little bit more, which has been great for me in achieving my fitness goals!

If you feel you don’t have enough time to workout, then I highly recommend this program!

Daniel Rodriguez

Scott is much more than just a personal trainer.  He will put together a routine that works with your body type and will also consult on what to eat to get the results you want.  I am a busy business owner with young kids and checked out his video series to get a quick workout in whenever time permits.  His routines are easy to master, target specific areas of the body and create a burn (in a good way) in a short amount of time.  I would highly recommend Scott and his videos for a busy executive looking to improve their physique and overall health!

Chris Abrams

I am a single, full-time working mother of two.  The exercises are quick, hit the areas that I need/want to work on and can be done at any point during the day, especially if I am able to wake up early and get them done!

The fact that the exercises are only 3 minutes is deceiving.  They quickly warm your body up and you start to feel the burn almost immediately.  It’s “instant” gratification.  I liked the core and arm series since those are the two areas I feel I need to work on and because it is only 3 minutes, I can do them every day and feel my core getting tighter and arms becoming more defined and toned.

Scott is a great trainer.  He knows how to motivate you and always listens to what I have to say and what I want to change and gives me the best steps and options to achieve my goals.

I would highly recommend the program.  It’s a great way to start or end your day!

Jeanine Chan

I am a full-time working mother of two young boys and feel like there is never enough time in the day.  I love working out with Scott because our exercises are quick, precise and I feel like I accomplish a lot in such a short amount of time.  I know that I am getting a great work out and using muscles that I haven’t in some time because of all the body aches (which to me, is a sense of great accomplishment)!

I love coming to see Scott because he gives me basic, yet challenging exercises that I can do at home and which don’t require much additional time out of my day.  Not only that, but I can do these exercises at home with my Husband or kids, which makes it a fun for all.   Other programs didn’t work for me because I had to use very specific equipment that I didn’t have or exercises that were too detailed and long for me to accomplish on my own.

I think Scott is an exceptional trainer for so many reasons. Scott has an overall genuine personality.  Scott also does a great job recommending foods to eat and stay away from specific to each client based on their body type. Lastly, Scott’s aptitude to communicate to his clients a complete and effective work out in a short, attainable and realistic period of time.

Melissa Rosen

If you want a fast ab workout, this is awesome!  In just 3 minutes, Scott took me through 6 ab exercises with variations provided.  I really felt my abs engage and heart rate increase.  Scott’s attention to the time and constant motivation kept me from stopping during the 3 minutes.  I can easily see myself repeating this short workout often.

Karen Winston

I work part-time and have an active family that is always coming and going. I find this series of exercises beneficial because I can sneak in 3 minutes no matter how busy my schedule is. It’s also nice to be able to pull in a family member to join me, very stress free.

The exercises target problem areas and I found it easy to follow along with the videos. Scott is positive and encouraging; he keeps it simple but challenging and demonstrates great technique. Perfect for anyone who wants to stay healthy!

Becky Deike

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