You get what you ask for.

But do you believe you can get what you want?

Creating goals is a slippery slope. We can overwhelm ourselves by having too many things that we want and don’t know where to start.  Or maybe we really don’t know what we want and before we know it, we get swept into the hustle of life and never start.  Lastly, there are those people who do start on their goals and get side tracked along the way.  So I am going to give you the 3 fundamentals of creating goals.  The 3 tips will get your creativity juices stirred up, your motivation fired up, and you in action today. So, lets get started.

STEP 1 – Brainstorm

Brainstorm and come up with a list of things that you want. Set your stop watch to 2 minutes and don’t let your pencil drop until you hear that buzzer go off. Get all of those thoughts out onto paper, wether you think they are good thoughts, weak thoughts, are just plain outrageous, doesn’t matter, just write it down. Go ahead and do this now.

STEP 2 – Clarity is Power

This step is very, very important. What you may not realize is WHY you want these goals. To have these goals is important but to realize WHY having these goals is important to you will create the motivation to get you into action day after day until you achieve them.  Let me demonstrate, imagine your goal is to have $1 million; but realize the fact of literally having $1 million is not where the motivation lies.  The motivation comes in what you will use the $1 million for; paying off debt, buying a home, financial freedom, etc…  What you will use the $1 million for is the WHY you will be motivated to go after making this happen day after day.  You get it?  Good.  So, here is what I want you to do next; take the list you created in step 1, circle the 3 most important goals that you feel you can accomplish in 1 year, now write a short reason WHY accomplishing this goal is important to you.  In doing so, you will have created CLARITY towards taking action towards your goal.

STEP 3 – Pick 1 Goal and Act Now

I believe that when you have that moment of CLARITY, that million dollar idea, or perhaps the motivation to take action on something; this is divine intervention. This is God, the Universe, or something bigger then you giving you access into something great, and it is your responsibility to act on it.  Having said that, it is also human that if we don’t act, to some degree, immediately then the chances of acting on this idea at all drastically decrease.  For example, the alarm clock buzzes at 5am, you intent is to get to the gym, and you hit snooze. Maybe you get up on the second buzzer, but my point is, it was probably more difficult to get up the second time; maybe you began thinking about all the reasons you don’t need to go, you realize how tired you are, you start thinking about how busy a day you have, etc.. My point is you would have avoided all the ‘little voice in the back of your head” talk if you would have just rolled out of bed the first time. Mel Robbins speaks about this in her book, “The 5 Second Rule”.  Highly recommend you to check it out at  So, the third step, your final mission, is to take one of the 3 goals you selected in step 2, and ACT on it RIGHT NOW.  If your goal is to learn how to speak Spanish, then get on your computer, look up a school that offers the class and register NOW.  If your goal is to lose weight, then contact the gym, schedule a free consultation session with a trainer NOW.  Before you read on, take the time NOW to act on your goal.

Congratulations!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              You have taken the steps that will separate you from the 95% of people who don’t finish what they started.  Having taken these steps, you have begun the process of manifesting what you want in this life.  You want this because where you are right now is not where you want to be; and if you remain in this position, you fire in life will begin to dim a little.  Don’t let that happen, there is too much in life for you to have.  So go it … starting NOW!