4 Steps to Mentally Prepare You for the Holiday

If you have not at one time or another been stressed over the holidays…well, bless you and share your secret with me!  There is always much to do at this time of year like parties, shopping, traveling, ‘surviving’ family, and eating too much.  Yet, I want to remind you of the real reason for the season and the opportunity to enjoy it more and more.

My gift for you, 4 steps to mentally prepare you for the holidays:

1.     Have a plan of action.  It helps you to put aside worry when you have a plan in place.  Know what you need to do by when, and seek help when you need it to get all done.  Write it out.  Create your checklist of naughty and nice. ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ – Benjamin Franklin.

2.     Personal Time Out.  Always in a rush to get from one place to the next or take care of this then go get that.  Take a moment of quiet…your own private Silent Night…and just inhale the goodness around you. Make a stop at the park, beach, or just sit outside your home, breath, relax, and reflect for a second.

3.     Set Goals Before New Years.  Be excited about thinking what you want to have, what you want to achieve. Set your New Year goals earlier than New Year’s Eve – before Christmas!  Makes stepping into the new years easier to do when you have something specific to look forward to achieving.  Set long term goals, short term goals, and have REWARDS when you reach your goals. Once you have these goals clear, put them aside until the new year and set your sights on just being present during all the presence of Christmas.  It after all, is a most beautiful time of year.

4.     Win the Small Victories. Weekly or even daily, we face decisions that leave us either feeling guilty or feeling accomplished. Decide how you will choose to feel about every situation you are a part of; such as when your friends offer you foods you know are not good for you or skipping meals because you are too busy.  You will have both WINS and LOSES.  Focus on the winning these small victories each week, because they add up making you feel and look great!

When you have a plan and the tools ready to go when you pull the trigger, it brings you a peace of mind.  When you don’t have a plan, anxiety kicks in each time you eat that extra piece of pie or skip out on your exercise.  I want you to enjoy your holiday’s.  Get your plan together together today.  Perhaps one of our on line programs is right for you or take advantage of our personal training options. Tis the season, so put your plan in place NOW, so you can spread your holiday cheer (and also not your waist line….visit www.Koolbody.com for some tips on that front!)

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