The 40 DAY CHALLENGE is a program created to MOTIVATE.

The 40 Day Challenge is a 3 step nutrition program and a 3 step exercise program.  The final ingredient is creating a strong mindset to motivate you and keeping that motivation strong through the next 40 days.

Now, let’s be honest, you may receive all the tools necessary for success, what exercises to do and what foods to eat; but without having a POWERFUL MINDSET, you are not going anywhere!  Imagine sitting in the driver seat of a Lamborghini, the engine is revving, the gas tank is full, and there is no one on the road.  The light turns GREEN … and you just sit there!  No screeching tires, no wind blowing through your hair, nothing! WHY? Because you have no where to go and no reason to get there. Do you have a gym membership …  and do you use it?  Do you own any workout videos … and have you completed them?

You are the first person to let yourself down.  If you make a promise to yourself, and you don’t complete it, what happens? Probably nothing. BUT what if you make a promise to others? What if a bunch of people you know and don’t know are keeping tabs on you finish this? You are definitely less likely to let them down.  Right?

Whether you are in California or as far as Hong Kong, you may participate in this program.  Select the program that is best for you:
• The 8 Week Body Make Over Classes (San Diego)
• 1 to 1 Private Fitness Training (San Diego and Orange County)
• The Take Home Nutrition & Exercise Book (any where)

Welcome to KoolBody Personal Training

• Submit your before and after pictures to A picture say’s a thousand words.
• Measurements every week (the program packet describes which measurements)

• Post on Facebook or twitter at least once a week about your journey through the 40 days.
• Read what others are posting and let them read what you have to say.  You will be AMAZED of
how you become an inspiration to people you know or don’t know simply by talking about your

The beauty of this challenge is you hear from the participants perspective, through facebook or twitter, of what is really going on in their head. You will hear about how they deal with lack of time, keeping to an eating plan, how they feel saying NO to the cocktails, and most important WHY they stick to it … OR DO THEY?

Many people will follow your journey through your posts. I will be providing, as well as, other participants, some exercise tips, nutrition guide lines, recipes, and insights to a successful mindset.  In the world of fitness, it is us who become the biggest saboteurs to our own success. Throughout this journey, not only learn what others are doing to succeed, but how they think to get past the ups and downs of every day training.

The TRUTH is not everyone will finish this. The TRUTH is you will have good days and not so good days. The TRUTH is this is not a commercial where everything turns out all right if you just take this “pill”.  The TRUTH is if you can complete 40 days with absolute commitment to the program, you WILL achieve way more then your weight loss or muscle gain goals.
The TRUTH is you are either really excited or really scared.

IT’S TIME TO FIND THE REAL YOU. Select a program, receive your 40 DAY CHALLENGE PACKET, and let’s get started!

Scott Elliott

Kool Body Training