5 Tips to Keep the Holiday Stress in Check

There is plenty of evidence that the holiday’s cause us stress, which has a ripple effect to our health, wealth, relationships and more.  Check out these stats:

Holiday Stress

Oregon Womens Report Survey, 2009

So, how do you alleviate or give pause to these worries, especially during the holiday season?

Here are 5 tips to get you through:

1. Proper nutrition – everything in moderation (even moderation).  Energy to carry you through your shopping marathons is going to come from what you eat.  In the movie ‘Elf’ with Will Ferrell, he mentions that the 4 main food groups that all elf’s eat are sugar, more sugar, some more sugar, and maple syrup. Hilarious, but unfortunately most of us go for the sugar aka carbs. Keep to a well balanced plate for each meal, which includes, a protein source, greens, a carbohydrate source, and healthy fat. You need your energy through long days of shopping, fun (or even work).  Overeat + Exhaustion = bad Santa.  Healthy eating of greens, proteins, fewer carbs, good fats = A Star, a star shining in the night.  Okay, so I know I am being corny, but focus on how nice it will feel to feel good.

2. Workout/Exercise – I know you are busier than ever at this time of year, but moving that body and pumping that heart will release endorphins that will help you feel amazing, alert, and ready to keep going. PS, after the Christmas feast…take a walk, even if it is around your house, a little walk for a few minutes is shown to reduce cravings!

3. Mindset Management – This is key….before you step into the rat race at the mall or the chaos at home, decide how you mentally want to be; such as patient, happy, fun, loving.  Creating this optimistic perspective, ahead of time, can make your holidays much more tolerable. This is a stretch… but decide to love that person who butts in the shopping line or the clerk who is a bit slow.  Sing Jingle Bells in your head…. why not!

4. Engage Your Team – Most of us are not so fortunate as to have elves and reindeer, but you do have those around you who care about your well-being as much as you care about theirs.  The holidays can bring challenges, but they can also bring priceless moments with your friends and family.  Decide on activities to do together since you are all there together.  Create a fun activity like building a snowman, taking a beach walk, meeting up and watching the big game, or going outside and tossing the ball.  Be deliberate about this and it will impact the entire holiday experience.  I promise!

5. Relax – what do you need to do for you?  Remember, this is your time off from the office, so sit back and relax and smile. Yes, even have Santa’s cookie and milk, but it would be best if it is gluten and dairy free…

Now, before you head off to the party, I put together The FIT Kit just for you.  A simple little package that includes 3 10 minute workout, meal suggestions, and 3 motivation audios to keep your mind in the right place.  Click here for  the F.I.T. Kit  Enjoy!

Just be good for goodness’ sake.

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