Food burns FAT … NOT the exercise!

Do you get EXCITED to get to the gym OR is the gym NOT YOUR THING?
When you are done with cardio, do you leave a pool of sweat because you worked SUPER hard?

Well, where ever it is that you find yourself in regards to working out, you have to understand this … FOOD BURNS FAT not the exercises.

Let’s look at the facts; it takes 3500 calories to burn 1lb of fat; assuming you didn’t consume any other calories and the metabolism is not in “storage” mode. 3500 calories really puts things into perspective knowing that, at best, you burned 1000 calories in an hour, you still have 1500 calories to go. Sounds kind despairing.

What I am about to explain is going to make life VERY SIMPLE for you.  Your metabolism dictates how quickly your food is broken down and converted into nutrition and energy for your body.  The more you eat whole healthy foods, the stronger and faster your metabolism gets.  If you are eating every few hours, good food combinations, then your metabolism is literally working ALL DAY.  Eventually, your metabolism EXPECTS to be working all day, so even when you miss a meal, its still metabolizing! Ya… this means you are BURNING FAT even when you are sitting down watching TV.

DON’T GIVE UP THE EXERCISE! Exercise tones up the muscle which shapes the body. If you have ever heard someone say, “I lost all the weight then gained it back plus more”, the chances are they did not do any resistance training.  As the muscle strengthens, you body naturally begins to burn more calories. Another way of looking at exercise is a way of LOCKING IN your results.

Combining EXERCISE and NUTRITION the proper way, your results will come much quicker and last much longer.

So… here’s is to working smarter not harder!

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Do What You REALLY Want to Do!

Are you frustrated OR maybe bored with your fitness routine and results?

I’ve been there and chances are … I’ll be there again.  I have heard all the quotes, slogans, motto’s; ie “just do it” by Nike. The truth is, it’s difficult to be motivated ALL THE TIME. And I know that consistency is the key to success. So, how do I keep the consistency and the intensity of reaching my fitness goals EVERYDAY?

I am going to answer this by taking you back to the basics. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU REALLY ENJOY DOING. Do you enjoy hiking or biking. Maybe you enjoy swimming or scuba diving. In the personal training biz, I get consumed with going to the gym and keeping a close eye on the scale and my body fat percentage. Honestly, numbers are numbers, and they don’t bring me any real emotion other then seeing if Im an inch leaner or a pound of muscle stronger.

If you find yourself struggling with motivation,  change it up and “Take A Hike”. Variety is nice and it is another way of being active. So, for just a moment in your training regime, do something that you really enjoy doing with no concern of being competitive but rather doing it because you ENJOY DOING IT!

Go after your dreams every day!

Scott Elliott

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We have all heard the fitness experts say, “Fitness is not just for a time being, it is a lifestyle”.  Yaaaaaaa, soooo your telling me that I can’t eat my chocolate chip homemade cookies EVER!  Seriously, if I were to tell any personal training client of mine, “chicken and broccoli for you ONLY”.  I sound like the dessert Nazi and they would raise a brow and go “see ya”!  So, what is the definition of this FITNESS LIFE STYLE.
Let’s put it into a time frame.  The next 90 days, for example, you will follow the plan of workouts and eating.  The reason you eat the foods, the personal trainer creates for you, and sweat up a storm, from the exercises, is non other then to reach your goal.  My favorite saying is, “What results do you want to see AND how soon do you want to see them!”  This pattern of living for the next 90 days develops not just results, but a mindset and habits.
Now, the really cool part … The Results!  Your body, through the universal law of physics, WILL release fat; unless your enduring something medically wrong, such as an imbalance of hormones, that may cause prevention of fat release.  Weight lose and muscle gain is a simple science and those results are delicious!
When you reach those goals, YOU MUST SET THE NEXT ONES.  You think you are at your best, but you have no idea how much better it gets.  So, find out!  Consistency is the key to everything.  Your hard work is necessary until you reach the top of the hill, then everything else becomes maintenance. Maintenance means touch up from time to time.  Your body has just been reprogrammed to be a calorie burning machine.  Enjoy loving the results of a fitness lifestyle which is completely different from having to love broccoli. Got it … Good!

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Motivation ONLY works when you have “The REASON”

Typical situation; customer walks in with fire in their heart to lose weight.  I can feel that energy beaming from their eyes as they sign up for the sessions and can’t wait to start.  Then I ask the big question, “What is your goal”.  Answer; “to fit into my size # pants”.   I think that’s great, but honestly will the idea of me having you do 300 sit ups, jumping jacks, and lunges up and down the floor all after running 1 mile, really worth simply fitting into your pants.  Oh, and lets do that 5 times a week. Actually, just buying larger pants might be a little less expensive when you consider the cost of a trainer and your time.  I’m just saying…
I’m here to tell you how you take that fire of motivation you have and turn it into a scourging bonfire.  Motivation is about a deadline to be ready by, planning on how you will get there, and weekly goals. I’m talking about the deadline that you desire to be in tip top shape by because all of your friends that you haven’t seen in years will be there.  Or how about that wedding; those pictures will be around FOREVER.  Maybe you just threw down a bunch of money to go to Hawaii and want nothing more then to feel comfortable in that swimsuit while your there on the beach.
You see what I’m saying.  Create a time frame, plan your work, and work your plan.  Nothing last forever (except wedding photo’s) so choose to be the best you starting on _______ and ending on  ________.  Sunday, you cook your food for the week from the meal plan your trainer designed for you.  You set your schedule of workouts throughout the week.  Finally, set your WEEKLY goals.  What do you want to see this time next week.  Results are addicting; once you see that body change a little, you want more.

Feel that fire!

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