We have all heard the fitness experts say, “Fitness is not just for a time being, it is a lifestyle”.  Yaaaaaaa, soooo your telling me that I can’t eat my chocolate chip homemade cookies EVER!  Seriously, if I were to tell any personal training client of mine, “chicken and broccoli for you ONLY”.  I sound like the dessert Nazi and they would raise a brow and go “see ya”!  So, what is the definition of this FITNESS LIFE STYLE.
Let’s put it into a time frame.  The next 90 days, for example, you will follow the plan of workouts and eating.  The reason you eat the foods, the personal trainer creates for you, and sweat up a storm, from the exercises, is non other then to reach your goal.  My favorite saying is, “What results do you want to see AND how soon do you want to see them!”  This pattern of living for the next 90 days develops not just results, but a mindset and habits.
Now, the really cool part … The Results!  Your body, through the universal law of physics, WILL release fat; unless your enduring something medically wrong, such as an imbalance of hormones, that may cause prevention of fat release.  Weight lose and muscle gain is a simple science and those results are delicious!
When you reach those goals, YOU MUST SET THE NEXT ONES.  You think you are at your best, but you have no idea how much better it gets.  So, find out!  Consistency is the key to everything.  Your hard work is necessary until you reach the top of the hill, then everything else becomes maintenance. Maintenance means touch up from time to time.  Your body has just been reprogrammed to be a calorie burning machine.  Enjoy loving the results of a fitness lifestyle which is completely different from having to love broccoli. Got it … Good!