Do you get EXCITED to get to the gym OR is the gym NOT YOUR THING?
When you are done with cardio, do you leave a pool of sweat because you worked SUPER hard?

Well, where ever it is that you find yourself in regards to working out, you have to understand this … FOOD BURNS FAT not the exercises.

Let’s look at the facts; it takes 3500 calories to burn 1lb of fat; assuming you didn’t consume any other calories and the metabolism is not in “storage” mode. 3500 calories really puts things into perspective knowing that, at best, you burned 1000 calories in an hour, you still have 1500 calories to go. Sounds kind despairing.

What I am about to explain is going to make life VERY SIMPLE for you.  Your metabolism dictates how quickly your food is broken down and converted into nutrition and energy for your body.  The more you eat whole healthy foods, the stronger and faster your metabolism gets.  If you are eating every few hours, good food combinations, then your metabolism is literally working ALL DAY.  Eventually, your metabolism EXPECTS to be working all day, so even when you miss a meal, its still metabolizing! Ya… this means you are BURNING FAT even when you are sitting down watching TV.

DON’T GIVE UP THE EXERCISE! Exercise tones up the muscle which shapes the body. If you have ever heard someone say, “I lost all the weight then gained it back plus more”, the chances are they did not do any resistance training.  As the muscle strengthens, you body naturally begins to burn more calories. Another way of looking at exercise is a way of LOCKING IN your results.

Combining EXERCISE and NUTRITION the proper way, your results will come much quicker and last much longer.

So… here’s is to working smarter not harder!

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