Are you frustrated OR maybe bored with your fitness routine and results?

I’ve been there and chances are … I’ll be there again.  I have heard all the quotes, slogans, motto’s; ie “just do it” by Nike. The truth is, it’s difficult to be motivated ALL THE TIME. And I know that consistency is the key to success. So, how do I keep the consistency and the intensity of reaching my fitness goals EVERYDAY?

I am going to answer this by taking you back to the basics. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU REALLY ENJOY DOING. Do you enjoy hiking or biking. Maybe you enjoy swimming or scuba diving. In the personal training biz, I get consumed with going to the gym and keeping a close eye on the scale and my body fat percentage. Honestly, numbers are numbers, and they don’t bring me any real emotion other then seeing if Im an inch leaner or a pound of muscle stronger.

If you find yourself struggling with motivation,  change it up and “Take A Hike”. Variety is nice and it is another way of being active. So, for just a moment in your training regime, do something that you really enjoy doing with no concern of being competitive but rather doing it because you ENJOY DOING IT!

Go after your dreams every day!

Scott Elliott