Reason – Know what you want, WHY you want it, and you raise the level of getting what you want

This is what I know….for you to decide to begin a program for weight loss or nutrition, you need to be quite clear on WHY that is important to you.  That clarity will help you begin….and continue.

Write your ‘why’ and keep it front and center.  Simply, three points of your interest in accomplishing this.  Understand specifically what is your goal and how you will feel when you achieve it.

A excellent example is the mother who wants to lose weight to have more energy to invest in time with her little daughter before she grows up.  No regrets.  Be present by being in the presence of those most loved.  This contributes to having your compelling reason to succeed.

Your actions accomplish your intentions.  Your call to action is to revisit your reason with every temptation, every ‘reality’ that hits you in your day.  With your written reason, keep it on your mirror, in your pocket, on your car visor. Hold it, read it and own it when the stuff of life arises.  Get into the habit of remembering that compelling reason and mentally feel the excitement of when you achieve it. 

This is where motivation….meetings transformation.

.   .   .

Article by Kristen Andress

Andress Consulting